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Special Events - Birthdays- Family- Team Building 

Whether you are wanting to come experience making pottery as a family, or perhaps a  gathering of a few friends, you can plan a special afternoon or evening event custom to you. 

Special Events 

This event can be for artists of any age!

 1.  Choose your activities...

-Hand building and/or 

a turn on the Potters wheel

2.  Invite your guests...

 including you...up to a maximum of 6-8* artists. 

Price will be determined based on time and materials needed to complete the chosen activity

Come for as little or as much as 1-2 or 3 hours of fun. 

Call or message for pricing, available dates and times   

Birthday Party 

A Family Class

A Friends Class

Special Events 

Special Workshops 

Pop Up Events "Mug Making"  Workshops 

Everything your group requires to make a one of a kind mug.

I will bring all the necessary tools and clay, slips, and underglazes for decorating.  Then I will return to my studio to dry the mugs, then bisque fire them in my kiln,  clear glaze them, re-fire them and then return them.  

Usually complete within two weeks. 

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